The development solutions group of RK Marshall remains focused on one thing:  helping you accomplish your objectives.  We offer custom solutions to our diverse development client base, ensuring projects are planned, financed, executed and delivered in a seamless and transparent way.  We offer development services on a third-party / fee basis, as well as on a principal basis, ensuring that we can always craft a solution that our clients prefer.  

Solutions For Healthcare

The delivery of healthcare in today's competitive environment requires healthcare providers to focus more closely on creating the right facilities in the right location, making the selection of your development partner that much more important.  Key factors like speed to market, selecting the right location and assembling the best project team are paramount.  Perhaps most importantly, healthcare providers and systems need project leadership.  At RK Marshall we take great pride in consistently delivering development solutions that exceed our healthcare client objectives.

Solutions For Corporate Office & Industrial

At RK Marshall, we understand that the right office or industrial facility can make all the difference.  Your space should reflect your culture, be a key asset in attracting and retaining talent, inspire performance, and create operational efficiencies.  We believe that real estate should be strategically leveraged to drive growth for your company and we have the resources and vision to make that a reality.  

Solutions For Retail

Leading retailers understand that the right real estate partner can directly drive growth for your enterprise.  Knowing the details of each market, picking the right site, and working through entitlements, project planning, and construction efficiently must be managed by a trusted provider who knows the ins and outs of the process, is fully transparent, and drives your key objectives to completion.   We help amazing retailers pick the right sites and get their projects to market as quickly as possible.

Mixed Use Development

We routinely evaluate and participate in mixed use development projects where our capital markets, marketing, development and management expertise can be utilized to create value.  From urban, downtown projects to suburban, mixed use land projects, we consistently demonstrate that our vision and creativity can be deployed to drive project success and create value.