We Offer Property Management Services Across the Commercial Real Estate Spectrum

Great property management can make a difference.  At RK Marshall we manage properties for our clients to ensure that we achieve value preservation and enhancement for our clients at every turn.

Detailed Accounting

At RK Marshall, our staff has decades of corporate and enterprise level real estate accounting expertise, and we leverage that experience and expertise to create immense value for our clients and to provide a turn-key, seamless solution for our client base.  Our clients receive monthly financial reports, delivered to their exacting standards, and our process is fully transparent, offering 100% client accessibility.

Property Operations Expertise

Every property is different, and the needs of the tenants of any particular property can vary on a day to day basis.  At RK Marshall, each property has a dedicated associate in charge of tenant relations and property operations, ensuring that tenant satisfaction is met or exceeded, our clients have a single point of contact for each property, and to create consistency in the routine decision making that preserves and enhances property value for our clients.  

A Proactive Approach

So often, property managers can get behind the curve when it comes to reviewing the weaknesses of a property, properly budgeting for capital improvements, or simply staying engaged with the needs of a diverse and changing tenant base.  At RK Marshall, we take great pride in our proactive approach to management, ensuring that we lead properties to success, instead of reacting to issues.  This philosophy alone represents a substantial shift from the traditional management mindset.  Simply put, we are property leaders, and we work carefully to craft diligent plans based on best practices, creating value for our owners at every step in the process.